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Reader Comments / Reviews

We thank the following new traders, experienced traders and leading financial experts for their enthusiastic comments:

"Thinking of quitting your day job and staying home to become a full-time trader? How to Become a Real-Time Commodity Futures Trader from Home may be just what you need if you are looking for help...The book is a very comprehensive look at what a home-based trader must know...This is the most useful book I've seen for the new trader, or for someone already familiar with the markets who wants to pursue trading full-time at home. There is much in it also for the experienced trader who wants a fresh perspective... One of the best ways to build your reserve of real knowledge should be to get, read and re-read this book!"
- from the Society of Market Technicians, Minerva newsletter: Book Review by Tom Domingues

"First of all, let me say that since I ordered your book two months ago, I have read it from cover to cover at least four times. It's now literally filled with highlighter and dog-eared pages, and has proven to be dollar for dollar the best investment I've made in years. You obviously have a keen grasp of your profession and your writing style communicates your expertise flawlessly. For years, I have been searching for a profitable business that I can run from home without resorting to mail order widgets, and thanks to your book I have finally found one that suits me...most of all, thanks for your book!"
- David Veal; Coronado, CA

"Finally a book that offers new traders a realistic view of futures trading and what it takes to succeed."
- Murray A. Ruggiero Jr., Contributing Editor, Futures Magazine, the leading trade publication of the futures, options and derivatives industry for the past 25 years. Publisher, Inside Advantage

"Here is good news especially for beginning or prospective futures traders: a superb new book which offers a thorough overview of and substantial insight into the fascinating and potentially profitable world of futures trading. Interesting and easy to read, it is perhaps the best book to provide a succinct education in the business of trading. Its effectiveness is born of excellence in using language, in its unambiguous descriptions, and in isolating only the most useful and effectual methods...A soup-to-nuts treatment of futures trading, the book omits no area of import: from how the markets are organized, through a choice of which futures to trade, to a detailed description of specific trading techniques. Most space is devoted to subjects related directly to decisions about trading. It is eminently practical...This book should be read and studied by every beginning trader. In fact, it would be beneficial for the great majority of seasoned traders as well, given that it covers advanced topics such as Keltner analysis (alone and with other indicators), trading synergy, Gann time, and multiple time-frame trading analysis, among others".
- from the Moore Research Center Report and Investor's Library, The Exchange: Book Review by Ed Dobson, President, Traders Press

"I have just finished reading your book, and I am really amazed with the detailed and thorough information you offer... Your book will be my #1 reference book, and I see only you as my role model. I AM IMPRESSED!"
- Larry Fuller; Brooklyn, New York

"I am a senior research scientist and use signal processing and pattern recognition techniques...I am currently working in my spare time on an S&P 500 futures day-trading system; in the past I have worked on a trading system for OEX options. Your book is very informative and practically useful... I am reading it for the second time now. Do you mind if I call you sometimes after hours to ask your opinions?"
- Lee Weng, Ph.D.; Bellevue, WA

"I would first like to thank you for providing a wonderful source of encompassing information, especially for the new trader, which I am. The very up-to-date charts and examples are excellent. Also, the spirit of the book aligns with my own personality and goals, in that I've always been a knowledge seeker when first presented with something new, and my expectations are not the "retirement" trade, but rather consistent returns able to support my family." - Ken Gustafson; Coral Springs, FL

"I ordered your manual which I've found to be most informative and masterfully written. It is a refreshing insight into how a person can become successful in this business using a sensible approach coupled with dedication...." - Alan Julius; Sisseton, SD

"I have read over 50 books and previewed tons of software. I'll have to say that this manual is the most concise information I have read up to this point. It's well put together and very easy to read. I recommend it to any beginning trader like myself. This guide brought together the knowledge of options and futures into a truly understandable methodology." - Peter Vlahakis; Shreveport, LA

"I've just finished reading the book 'How to Become a Real-Time Commodity Futures Trader - from Home' -- for the second time -- and I must say: Wonderful! The information provided is well structured and of high practical value. Regarding the practicality, many other books fail, while yours has pleased me from beginning to end. Since necessary trading information is often difficult to get here in Germany, the value of this book even doubles..." - Tobias Schulze; Bamberg, GERMANY

"I am a 54 year old trader and just finished reading your book. Excellent work. Obviously a "labor of love". I really did get a lot out of this material. I have been position trading since 1994 and this inspires me to try out day trading. Great job!" - Rick Harvey; Lake Bluff, IL

"At last, a truly practical trading guide and reference bible for every commodity broker, student, novice, professional or investor! From vendor and broker selection to intraday market timing; money management guidance to expert trading methods -- Krieger covers not only the valuable information that our customers frequently ask for, but also winning strategies that professionals should want to review. To have such a complete compilation at one's fingertips makes this an indispensable resource for any and all traders." - Susan C. Green, Vice President, ED&F Man International, one of the world's largest asset management, futures execution and clearing firms (assets: $1.8 Billion), founded 1783 in London

"Yours was the first book I read about trading, and it got me involved as an intraday trader working from home. Now, dozens of books later, I still feel your book is the most practical as it gets down to the real nitty-gritty of intraday trading." - John M, Ph.D., Astrophysics; Toronto, CANADA

"Just to let you know, the people I have been talking with that have read the book are very impressed and excited about what they have learned. I have been getting incredible feedback, which is a huge compliment to you. It is always nice to know when you are affecting people in a positive way!" - Mindy Schroeder, Bonneville Market Information, the #1 provider of real-time financial data to independent traders

"...for the first time, I feel that someone has finally written a book that has provided me with information in a manner that I can understand, and act upon..." - Volkmar Hindrichs; Ancaster, CANADA

"A friend of mine and I are using your workbook as the starting point in adapting the work of researchers in genetic programming for use as heuristic, real-time trading systems. This system will use a real-time feed to generate buy/sell/reversal decisions on very short term cycles." - Mike MacLeod; Mountain View, CA

"Thanks for a software package that really does what it is supposed to and a book that puts it all together." - Beth Abbott; Phillips, Maine

"A friend told me of your book and the excellent guide it has been to him in setting up his system. Taking his lead, I will follow...." - Craig Meyer; Sanibel, FL

"Your book arrived Saturday...there is so much information, have to stop to allow it to soak in! Didn't realize how much I did not know about trading. Now I understand that my financial loss in the market was a stupid move on my part. I wish I had known about your book before I threw away (literally) my money...Your book may well be the turning point in my life...the price of your book is a 'Bargain'". - Bruce Love; Houston, TX

"Thanks for the manual...I have read and am continuing to read various source material on the subject - and consider your manual the best learning material so far. I am treating it as a bible to be revisited often...I have been involved in the physical metal markets for over 20 years and my only regret is that my fascination with physical trading kept me from exploring the futures - until now!" - Hugo Knuesel; Cambridge, MA

"I think your book is an excellent illustration and learning tool." - Rudy Hall; Archie, MO

"...I am an admitted skeptic. I have sent away and spent money on a variety of business opportunities. Some areas I am familiar with, others new to me. Over the past two years I have spent a few hundred dollars trying to learn futures trading. Your book for the money is worth its weight in futures contracts. I read it straight through since wrestling it from the postman. I finished about an hour ago. I will spend time re-reading the technical tools. The layout is methodical and easy reading. I feel closer to defining what type of trader I am and the tools I need to trade. You helped me realize the way I would like to trade is realistic." - Scott Ayon; Honolulu, HI

"I've just finished reading your guide on commodity trading from home. You have my congratulations. First-rate information. Fascinating. I have plans to build my own trading system based on neural nets and non-linear optimization. Your guide has opened up to me a whole new range of opportunities..."
- Nelson Carlos; Coimbra, PORTUGAL

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