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Software Reviews

"I represent the country's leading source of market information, and I have the opportunity to speak with hundreds of commodity traders. The response I get from clients who use Scott Krieger's program is always extremely positive. Due to their continuing success, I am very enthusiastic in stating that the KC Collection is the only trading software program I recommend to both the novice and experienced trader alike."
- Mindy Schroeder, eSignal / Data Broadcasting Corporation / Bonneville Market Information, the most popular real-time data feed provider to independent traders worldwide.

"The KC Collection is producing very positive results. I always feel confident recommending your software because I talk to a lot of traders, new and old, every day, and I consistently receive very favorable reports from those that are using it. Even more favorable, as far as I am concerned, is that I have never had even one single complaint from anyone. That goes very far in my book (cause I do hear it all!) and so I know it must be working well!"
- Mike Neuman, Senior Associate, Omega Research, producers of the award-winning TradeStation charting software.

"Just wanted to personally thank you for a fantastic job on the KC method software. The results have been nothing short of astounding. The system can pay for itself in maybe one day with just one S&P contract! Not only is it incredibly simple, but it's accuracy is uncanny. I have had $800 - $2100 days trading only 1 S&P contract. I've never seen anything like this before. I bought Tradestation and your system together back in November and I was up and trading successfully by the end of November.
One other special note. Doug Ritchie is probably the best customer relations person I have ever dealt with. He is very patient and knowledgable with every type of question and promptly returns calls. Doug keeps in touch with me several times a week just to check on how the system works for me and my strategies. I don't know of any customer relations or tech support person, anywhere, who bothers to call on their own concern, especially when there is no problem.
Once again, thank you for a system that lives up to the advertising and the best customer service to back it up.


F. Sharif"

"I am very impressed with your product, and am so amazed with the Trend Reversal Pro! It is becoming a key ingredient to my trading, and is a real confirmation indicator. The best thing is that there is no delay, since the showme dots arrive on the current bar, before the close. Great job!" - Steve J (new KC Collection trader), Sarasota, FL

"...By the way, I love the software. I just had a nice $2600.00 trade in soybeans w/ 1 contract. I'm a small trader and was looking for a good program for years. I bought the book in 1997 and I only wish I had pulled the trigger to buy the software sooner!"
- Mark Seville, Orlando, FL (new KC Collection trader)

"The KC Collection has surpassed even the highest of my expectations! My wife and I have had no difficulty applying the principles...the KC indicators work so well, in fact, that we see no need to include any others in our trading method. Our trading support person, Doug, has been instrumental in the development and trading process. With his help we have been experiencing a success rate of 81% on our trades! I want to express my sincerest thanks to you for providing me with the tools and the knowledge necessary to be successful in this business." - Derek L.; Del Rio, TX

"Got the software and the Pivot went on a 14 - 0 run, paying for itself instantly!" - George F.

"We are an asset-managing company in Germany. In January 1998, we purchased your book, "How to Become a Real-time Commodity Futures Trader - from Home" and the KC Collection about two months later. The first couple of months we confined ourselves to paper trading. During that time, Doug Ritchie was a great help. Now after six months of trading live with the KC Collection, we are still amazed in the way the Three band Keltner trades are confirmed day by day, leaving us with a winner most of the time. This is the first time ever that we have purchased a book and a software package with great satisfaction. We will definitely recommend you and your work here in Germany." - Kalthoff + Berger GMBH; Niddatal-Assenheim, GERMANY

"Yours is the only system I have found that actually has a consistent trade profitability in the 70% range. Even more remarkable, these results are all verifiable in TradeStation 7.0. Thank you for this software."
- Darryl Thomas; Associate Professor, Western Oregon University

"The system works very well; it is very simple and I am very very pleased. I looked at about 10 stock symbols and picked the only one confirmed by your KC Collection...And that symbol is the only one that actually made a price move in my direction. I am extremely happy with the system, and, by the way, you have absolutely phenomenal tech support reps!"
- Gitta Koesir, Glenview, IL

"I just can't trade without your indicators and have developed a habit now and look forward to using them everyday. Thank You!"
- Harold Williams (

"I was never successful with any trading method or system -- until I starting trading the KC Collection. Since I began with your trading software, nine months ago, I am extremely pleased to tell you that I am up over 600% profit! I thank you so much for both the KC Collection and your careful guidance. I am also referring a friend to get your software. Thank you again!" - Andre Andreas, Nevada

"I have to tell you how dramatically the KC Collection and TradeStation software have improved my trading. I am using the KC Collection Keltner bands plus some of the TradeStation indicators and am averaging more than $500 a day. To give you some idea of how great this stuff is: I worked a part time job (almost 40 hours per week) and just barely made $1,000 a month. Today's win alone was $1,225! I just wish that I would have learned about all this stuff years ago. Now I truly do feel like I am on my way to financial freedom! I truly do thank you for the KC Collection." - Mike B.; Honolulu, Hawaii

"Your special XMA's and KC Channels alone are enough to make money. Add the P/V Oscillator and you have a license to print money. Thanks for your help!" - Barry F.,MD., Phoenixville. PA

"Hello, and thank you for an excellent day trading tool in your guidebook and software combination! I have just begun trading the S&P 500 with your KC Collection, and have been having great success with it. It has taught me alot about really fine tuning my technical analysis..." - Jeremy Dion; Manchester, New Hampshire

"Trading is going well for me and once again thanks to you! I love the P/V Oscillator. I have more time in getting in when my 3 and 5 minute agree -- making stops minimal...." - Chuck R.; Northfield, Ohio

"I am always looking at systems to get an idea of what the other traders are using, and after evaluating many, I still find that yours catches the big moves while keeping the trading process very simple. Thanks for a software package that does what it is supposed to do and for a book that puts it all together." - Beth A.; Phillips, Maine

"I won yesterday and I just made another $675 today. And that was in the new mini-S&P contract (where profits are 1/5th of the regular S&P). Soon I'll be able to trade the regular S&P, where this same trade would have netted me over $3,000 per contract! The KC Collection rates a 10 out of 10 with this trader." - Matthew Reif; Moundsville, West Virginia

"On Friday, the software precisely pinpointed two entries that in less than two hours netted $1,800 per contract! I think the KC Collection is an unbelievably accurate and profitable entry and exit trading system, and that this is the software for any trader looking for a system that both provides powerful indicators to trade off of and is adaptable to each individual trading style." - David R.; Soquel, California

...And here is another comment about our dedicated trading and tech support services:

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for making Doug Ritchie available to your KC Collection customers. I have found Doug to be not only very knowledgable and competent, but also very pleasant and willing to go way beyond the call of duty to be helpful and to make sure your customers are ultimately successful traders. Doug's attitude certainly reflects favorably upon the Futures Group.
A very happy customer of your book and your software,
Dave Battles
Incline Village, Nevada"

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