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learn futures trading, commodity trading, forex trading and currency trading with our chart trading software

You Want Real Proof. You Want Real Profits. Well...

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for 15 YEARS!

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Check what Active Traders and Leading Experts are Saying...
More (Full Reviews / Testimonials) Inside...

"Since I began with your trading software, nine months ago, I am extremely pleased to tell you that I am up over 600% profit! I thank you so much for both the KC Collection and your careful guidance. I am also referring a friend to get your software..."

"Got the software and the Pivot went on a 14-0 run, paying for itself instantly..."

"We are an asset-managing company in after six months of trading live with the KC Collection, we are still amazed in the way the trades are confirmed day by day...This is the first time ever that we have purchased a book and a software package with great satisfaction. We will definitely recommend you and your work here in Germany..."       See More Below...

Our Software is used by Professional traders at:

day trading online stocks and futures plus commodity and commodities trading software

& major brokerage firms

The Book The Software
"This is the most useful book I've seen for the new trader...There is much in it also for the experienced trader... Get, read and re-read this book!"
Society of Market Technicians

"By the way, I love the software. I just had a nice $2600.00 trade in soybeans w/ 1 contract. I bought the book a while ago, and I only wish I had pulled the trigger to buy the software sooner!" - Mark Seville, Orlando, FL

"I have read over fifty books and previewed tons of software. This manual is clearly the most concise information I have read up to this point."   Peter Vlahakis, Shreveport,
     More Reviews
"Yours is the only system I have found that actually has a consistent profitability in the 70% range. Even more remarkable, these results are all verifiable in TradeStation 8."
Darryl Thomas; Associate Professor, Western Oregon University    More Reviews

How It Happened: "In 1995, after years of testing every trading algorithm...

...that I could conceive of, test and write into code, I discovered a DUAL SYNERGISTIC strategy and methodology that worked so well that BLOOMBERG Magazine interviewed me about it, editors from FUTURES MAGAZINE were writing 30 page chapters about it in their books, and classes were being taught about it live in London financial forums.

Even crude oil traders at NYMEX started using it to learn how to successfully and profitably move from the pits (pit trading) to electronic trading!

So...after integrating this unique methodology into what would eventually became a world-famous trading guidebook, all the efforts finally culminated in the development of the KC COLLECTION Software, which is now used in over 90 countries by both active private and professional traders.

But enough of history...

BOTTOM LINE: Isn't it About Time for You to Profit from all this? All the years of endless testing and mental labor have already been done for you. Take advantage now! The important thing for you to know is that this WORKS, and it WORKS WELL, by capturing SERIOUS PROFITS, CONSISTENTLY.

CHECK OUT our website with it's 10+ years of KC Collection Performance Summaries, plus all the Testimonials and Reviews.

The Promotion is running right now, but there is a hard deadline on it. So if you like the idea of major profits mixed with fantastic need to Order Now.

- Serene trading, Scott"

Q        &         A

Q. What are the best markets to trade using your trading methods?

A. Stock traders, forex traders, bond traders, and, of course, commodity futures traders -- in more than 90 countries worldwide -- are currently using our trading guidebook and KC Collection software with consistent success. This means that any liquid market is an excellent and lucrative candidate for our highly-acclaimed trading tools.

How so? The primary reason that most home traders of the markets fail is due to a partial or a total lack in understanding the purely technical aspects of the markets. Proven technical analysis techniques, utilizing powerful (non-standard) synergistic indicators and systems, help us to exit from the unprofitable "gambling" approach to trading, and enable us to enter the lucrative "business" approach. This is the sole approach used by the major market movers and program traders. Commodities analysts and traders have known this for years, and it is important to note here that the most sophisticated stock, forex and bond methodologies have always come from the futures and commodities side of the markets (especially from the institutional day traders of the popular S&P 500 index futures -- the benchmark market).

Commodity trading methods tend to be more sophisticated and cutting edge simply because they have to be. Far more is at risk. Some commodity markets control millions of dollars on margin for each and every trade.

Bottom Line: Traders that use these powerful commodity trading strategies have an enormous advantage over their competition, regardless of the type of market they are trading. And this advantage, this edge, is exactly what you are looking for if you truly want to be a consistently profitable trader...

 commodity trading and futures and stocks daytradingORDER NOW!

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Day trading technical analysis for stock trading day traders
Day trading stocks every day, with a free online trading software, dedicated to day traders. Grafbourse provides technical stock charts analysis, combined with market timing indicators, to make a day trading decision for the day trader. - Futures Trader
Learn How To Trade Futures Successfully With Proven Strategy For Those Using Commodity Futures

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Stock Trading Software
Short term swing trading using our simple software can yield monthly returns of 90%+. See every past pick posted on our website.

Commodity Options Trading Basics
Basic training for commodity and option trading.

Daily stock market sentiment reports that compare current Nasdaq, S&P, and Dow movements with prevailing investor sentiment.
Providing free market commentary from many leading futures analysts, trading articles and news. Also considered a Watchdog for the futures industry with info on the CFTC, NFA and Broker's complaint histories.

Shrewd Investing
Stock Research and Investor Education Centre with free stock picks and free stock research for shrewd investors, day traders & those interested in learning more about investing in the US stock markets.

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Miami Real Estate - Century 21
Search for houses, apartments and new constructions for sale in Miami Florida. - After Hours Trading provides extended hours real-time stock quotes as well as a comprehensive directory of links to pre-market trading and after hours trading is also a powerful day trading portal that gives users access to stock quotes, technical stock charts, news, message boards and analyst ratings.

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List of Handy Financial Links

Day Trading and Investing
At Day Trading and Investing - learn how to day trade and invest in stocks, options, futures, the QQQ and e-minis. Nothing has been left out. Training courses, books, videos. FREE trial offers.

Day Trading and Investing
At Day Trading and Investing - learn how to day trade and invest in stocks, options, futures, the QQQ and e-minis. Nothing has been left out. Training courses, books, videos. FREE trial offers.

CTCR Commodities CTCR Commodities - This investment "supersite" provides you with sector-related investment news and commentary. They focus on sectors such as technology, energy and biotech & pharmaceutical stocks.

"SNIPER" - Stock and bond market timing
Offers market timing and trading systems for international stock and treasury bond markets plus a weekly global stock market risk and crash indication.

Rapid Fire Swing Trading
Offers explosive short term trading strategies and methods to capture quick profits with stock trading, options, futures and commodity trading.

1st Day Trading Information
How To Make $10,296 Minimum Profit Each And Every Month Trading The Stock Market...And Do It Over And Over Again

United Futures Trading Company, Inc.
United Futures Trading Company, Inc. - Online, Discount, and Managed Futures Trading. 4 Online Trading Platforms to choose from. Low Rates!! Charts, free live quotes, market news, research, and much more.

ETFs Trading
Volume based Technical analysis of Nasdaq 100, DOW, S&P 500 and other indexes. Buy/sell signals for QQQ, DIA, SPDRS ...

Day Trading Software
75% monthly returns consistently with low drawdown.

Signal Logic
Institutionally tested, easy to use, profitable. Now our proprietary MaxProfit Technology is available to you. We supply the signals, you make the trades. FREE trial membership and newsletter.

TradePro- Direct access day trading broker using RealTick trading platform
TradePro LLC offers direct access trading software for equity, futures, and option trading. We specialize in fast executions, institutional trading, and low commission costs. Our motto is "We focus on you, so you can focus on the markets"!

Dr. T's is your concise guide to online investing.
About the Online Trading Center
Dedicated to and designed for beginner traders and investors. FREE newsletters, 5 message boards, stock picks, quotes, how to choose your broker, Online Trading Starter Kit with trading software, broker applications.

Market Analytics
Market Analytics provides unique timing tools and accurate price forecasts to private traders. Use Exhaustion Bars, self-optimizing momentum, and intraday S&P forecasts in your own trading to boost profits and reduce stress. Check out the weekly showcase page for free trading methods and analysis.

Provides real time volume for the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100,S&P 100, and other indexes. Offers volume based technical analysis and market timing for QQQ, SPDRs, and Diamonds.

QQQ Trading System
QQQ timing signals with 10-20 conservative trades a year. 112% gains over the past 12 month.

Forex Trading Online
Free, award-winning, online forex trading system. Use it to learn day trading free for 30 days. Forex trading requires a lot less money than trading stocks. See how well you do in 30 days of forex day trading. Plenty of free forex education too.

Day Trading Courses and Investment Books
Day trading courses and investment courses live online. Taught by investment professionals and money managers. Live courses at Miami-Dade Community College in Miami, Florida too, plus affordable investment books.

Day Trading Training
Learn day trading free. The seven steps to start day trading. Learn how to choose a trading computer or direct access broker. Is day trading currencies better than day trading stocks? Learn more, free!

401kXtra Retirement Investment Software
A dedicated program written specifically for the retirement investor. This extremely affordable software is completely customizable for any retirement savings plan.

Absolute Daytrader
Stock and Option Advisory for the aggressive investor. Receive a detailed report daily on the leading market indictors and 4 new recommendations with illustrated charts. Free Trial available.

Orion Futures Group, Inc.
Full service, discount, online futures trading and managed accounts. Free streaming live quotes, live account updates, custom java charting, research, market reports, 24 hour trading with online trading choice of trading platforms. Great service, execution and rates! - Internet Futures Broker
Deep discount, direct access online commodity futures/options brokerage. Free streaming live quotes, free custom charting, live account updates, 24 hour trading, research and more. Don't gamble on your futures broker. Trade with!

Level 2 Futures Trading
Super discount direct access online commodity futures/options brokers. Choice of trading platforms, free broker support, free live streaming quotes, market research and more.
Thinking about trading? Currently trading? Tired of high rates and no service? Come on over to the firm that offers it all. Great service, free trading tools and more! We put the needs of the customer first!

Make yourself a prophet in the markets.

Trader's Depot
Stock Picks and Stock Market Trading Strategies for Profitable Trading.

Trader's Paradise
Home of TradeScanTM real-time stock alert software for active stock and futures traders. See tick-by-tick streaming alerts right on your desktop! TradeScanTM watches the market for you, keeping you aware of significant stock moves AS they happen. Take advantage of our FREE trial today and see how different trading with TradeScanTM can be!

Tortoise Trades

Absolute free & Fee Stock Picks & Alerts
Free & fee quality stock picks and alerts for day traders. Past performance percentage and records of all picks. Winning source for skilled traders. Absolute Free & Fee Stock Picks & Alerts may help you become a monster winner. We have a daily win % over 98.00%.

Capricorn T-Bond Day Trading Service

Where Professional Daytraders come to Trade the Market...Long or Short!

C&S Grain Market Consulting
Specializing in the current and historical analysis of December Corn and November Soybean futures prices. Projections and recommendations provide farmers and traders with price insights.


Investor Tech....Easy Stock
Provides best stock technical analysis on-line service. Interactive Java Charts, Stock finder, Market Report, Trading system and much more to come.

Dr. Joe Duarte's Daily Biotech, Energy & Tech Stock Analysis
Daily stock picks from one of CNBC's original Market Mavens. Dr. Duarte is an expert in biotechnolgy & eneergy stocks and is often quoted in the national press on CBS Marketwatch, Barron's, Medical Economics magazine, anmd USA Today. Two week free trial.
Stock Picks for Swing Traders & Pattern Day Traders, using technical analysis based on Financial support and resistance levels. Our subscribers know ahead of time exactly where to buy short, when to take profits and when to exit. Accurate, precise, for experienced traders only. Two week free trial.
Mutual Fund Market Timing signals, using both bull and bear strategies, for active fund traders who wish to maximize gains and protect against loss. Agressive, conservative & gold timing strategies. Two week free trial.

1 Source 4 Stocks

Penny Stock Network
Penny Stocks picks, tips, and articles.

Hi-Tech Futures Trading, Inc.
We specialize in customer service! Delivering what others only promise. Charts, free live quotes, market news, free reports, and much more. We offer full-service, self-directed and managed accounts. On-line trading second to none. Click to learn more about us.

Catranis & Co.
Commodity futures brokers offering free CTA performance rankings and profiles.

Net Stock Picks
Daily stock pick email with proven track record.

J&D Internet Marketing
Quality internet services for financial sites and others.
Free streaming Level 2 quotes, intraday charting, fast confirmations, low commissions, day trading direct access software.

Investors House
A free online financial and investment search engine!

Financial market forecasts by qualitative chart pattern analysis.

1st Real Time Stock Market Search Engine
1st to Buy! First to Profit! 100% Guaranteed!

CONSENSUS National Futures & Financial Weekly--FREE Sample
CONSENSUS is one of the largest ONLINE sources of in-depth research for trading the markets. The investment newspaper used daily by stock and futures traders. Your research library ONLINE. For over 30 years, CONSENSUS has published market letters with fundamental and technical buy/sell advice form over 100 top national and international sources.

Futures7 Commodity Trading Systems
No hype, no false promises, just robust daytrading and longerterm futures trading systems based around professional money management rules. Award winning site!

FREE Option Trading Tips
From the developers of Midas Touch options analysis program. Learn the strategies and secrets of professional traders. Determine your probability of success and Maximize Your Profits!

Debt Consolidation Solutions
Offers debt consolidation, debt reduction, debt counseling services. - Free newsletter: covered calls, stock splits, technical analysis and more!

CoveredCall.Com - Providing investors with solid covered call information since 1997. Eight (8) covered call tables updated nightly. - We forecast stock split announcements before they are announced. The web's best source for stock splits. FREE stock split notice email service! - Make money in any stock market environment. Our Technical Traders Report issues 5 times a week.

Investor Trading

Option Secrets
Never before seen techniques for trading Delta Neutral, Calendar Spreads, Can't Lose Option Spreads and Theta Trading!

DirectEquity Commodity Futures Resources
Resources and Information for Commodity Futures Traders

Traders Helping Traders
An online source of news and information for commodity futures traders and home of The Dailyfutures Report. Visit us today for your free trial.

Beating Wall Street

OEX Trader

ChartSmart T is a complete investment software package for stock charting, screening, and researching securities on the major US and Canadian stock exchanges.
Day trade and swing trade the NASDAQ and S&P E-Mini futures. Daily signals for the Hottest Stocks with the biggest moves. Buy and sell signals for the Rydex and Profunds, enhanced index mutual funds, and Rydex Sector funds. Our service is designed to keep you on the right side of the market trend and even make money during bear markets.
Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES is the magazine for traders -- and traders-to-be -- who want to play the markets with a concrete game plan Resource for futures and stocks trading books (Trading Books Link) Resource for futures and stocks trading software (Trading Software Link)

The Art of Day-Trading: Table of Contents

Excellence Award from Investment Reference
Futures and Options, Investment Reference Compliance and Consulting Resource for the Series 3 course, CTA/CPO disclosure documents, internal field audits for FCM/IIBs as well as futures industry career placement assistance