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How to Become a Real-Time Commodity Futures Trader-- From Home

Living the Ultimate Entrepreneurial Dream

By Scott A. Krieger (About the Author)

Table of Contents

Book Summary

Written by an experienced full-time private trader who trades his own commodity futures account -- realtime from home -- this comprehensive 328 pg. guidebook clearly shows the advantages and highly-lucrative techniques of "off-the-floor" trading from home. It covers A to Z: from complete home computer setup and how the industry works to trader psychology, expert timing techniques and advanced trading strategies. Fully-illustrated and written for both beginning and experienced traders (see: Reader Comments), this highly-acclaimed guidebook clearly and methodically progresses through all of the trading concepts and procedures. It is specifically designed to show you that once you learn how to intelligently trade from home, you will truly need no other occupation for making money.

Some of the topics covered:

What are futures? What is futures trading? And exacly why and how does the analysis of futures trading relate so favorably and profitably to success in stock trading and the stock markets? A complete industry overview - who, what, where, when, how and why - starting from its ancient and fascinating origins in feudal Japan.

What and where are the best markets to trade? What exactly is market volatility? What is Liquidity? How do they factor in? The markets the author trades, the ones he avoids, and why.

Are you a night person? Trading the international markets in real-time. Taking advantage of the best contracts on the most liquid foreign exchanges. What are the most profitable markets, in detail, and how to access them.

What is the risk in futures (and stock) trading? How do you control the risk? What is risk management? What is money management? What are the safest formulas? How does the market tell you where it is going? The exact order techniques the author uses, for both profit and protection, and why.

The chance of a dice roll vs. the skill of chess. Why it is so important to conduct both futures trading and stock trading strictly as a business, and never a gamble?

What is leverage? How exactly did Hillary Clinton turn a $1,000 investment into $100,000 so quickly? The exact leverage/risk management techniques used by the author and why.

Defining your prime time frame. Position trading, short term trading and day trading: What are the unique advantages of each? Why is the human side of the equation is so important?

What are government reports? How exactly do they affect the markets? What are the important ones to watch for? When do those happen?

What are intermarket relationships? How do markets affect each other? What are direct and inverse relationships? Which ones affect which? How can knowing these increase your profits? Diversification.

What are the qualities of consistently successful traders? The critical business of trader psychology.

How to immediately setup your home trading station in the best way (whether you live in the Western or Eastern Hemisphere: north or south of the equator). Different subscription quote services available and the one the author uses and why. How to arm yourself with breaking news and information even the floor/pit traders don't have.

Making super-informed trading decisions.

Charting software packages and the award-winning one the author uses and why. Chart components and types of charts. OHLC Bars. Japanese candlestick bars. Learning the very lucrative blend of Eastern and Western market analysis.

Paper trading. Risk nothing until you're consistently making money on paper.

How to profitably daytrade the markets. The specific trading indicators, tools and methods used by the author and why. The book contains fully diagrammed use of trend/countertrend; support/resistance; chart patterns; retracements; divergence; and more. The amazing Keltner Channel.

What is the KC (Keltner Confirmation) Collection? Details and sample trades of this acclaimed trading software. See how and why all of these elements work together so profitably and consistently.

Why is "the trend your friend?" Stated another way, why is it better to hop aboard a freight train than stand in front of it? What's the one exception?

What and where are the top financial and trading publications, those read by successful futures and stock traders worldwide. What it takes to get into the trading network.

What exactly are "the fundamentals"? How do charts "include" the fundamentals? What is a "techni-mentalist"? What is the best and most lucrative trading perspective for the private trader from home?

What is an out-of-the-can trading systems. Black box. How to design your own trading systems.

How to get set up with discount futures brokers charging the very lowest commissions on each trade (round-turn). Recommended minimum account balances to start your trading with (you'll be surprised) and why. How to trade right to the floor - directly to the "desk" on the floor - of the futures exchanges such as the "Merc" (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) and CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) at even lower discounted commissions. How to "negotiate" them down further than that.

How to choose your broker. What you want. What you don't want.

What are "flash fills"? Why would you need a broker as a day-trader? In addition, the best uses for Market orders, Stop orders, Market-if-touched (MIT) orders, Limit orders and Stop Limit orders.

What are advisory services and hot lines. When to listen to them and when to stay away from them. A trusted source that has actually followed their trading recommendations and has rated their performance for you.

Pattern recognition software. Neural net software.

Trading - untethered - from your laptop. Same chart setup as on your desktop but with real-time quotes beamed right to your battery powered laptop at no extra service charge. Trading from the car, beach, yacht (?). Visual and audible alerts for all of your buy and sell signals.

Detailed charts and clear technical analysis -- accomplished through a systematic, fully described and illustrated method -- of $1,000+ (per contract) intra-day trades.

What is multiple time frame trading. Seeing the forest and the trees. Smart trading.

Trading Synergy. Capturing results that are far greater than the sum of the parts.

Times each day when it's best to trade. Times each day to stay away from trading. Times when the markets turn on a dime - remarkably - every single day. Gann Time.

And Much More...

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