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Scott A. Krieger

Author: How to Become a Real-Time Commodity Futures Trader -- from Home

Trading Software Developer: The KC Collection

An experienced and full-time trader, Scott's acclaimed trading book and software are now used by both beginning and veteran traders in more than 85 countries. When he's not "at the office", Scott enjoys traveling widely and perusing the ancient Vedic literatures.

Interviews and Seminars

Scott A. Krieger's trading expertise is sought by new traders, industry professionals and top trading publications alike. The latest news:

*** See the 33-page chapter devoted to Scott and his trading in the new book, Real People; Real Traders (pictured at left). Scott was one of just a few traders chosen worldwide for this special in-depth interview conducted by the well-known Futures Magazine contributing editor Murray Ruggiero and trader psychology authority Adrienne Toghraie

*** The Data Broadcasting Corporation in London (DBC International) is conducting seminars based 100% on Scott's trading guidebook (chosen to be the course's textbook). Designed for both new and experienced traders. DBC is the world's most popular real-time financial data company (providers of eSignal, Signal, and the Bonneville Market Information data feeds).

*** Interviewed in: Bloomberg Magazine

What they're saying about...

How to Become a Real-Time Commodity Futures Trader -- from Home

Latest professional reviews: "A superb new book...eminently practical...perhaps the best book to provide a succinct education in the business of trading...This book should be read and studied by every beginning trader. In fact, it would be beneficial for the great majority of seasoned traders as well..." - from Investor's Library

"An exceptionally comprehensive, practical and well written guide to all aspects of what one needs to know in order to become an at-home trader. Major focus on the actual mechanics of how to make trading decisions and carry them out. We highly recommend this book." - from Traders Press

"This is the most useful book I've seen for the new trader, or for someone already familiar with the markets who wants to pursue trading full-time at home. There is much in it also for the experienced trader. One of the best ways to build your reserve of real knowledge should be to get, read and re-read this book!" - from The Society of Market Technicians

Latest private trader review: "I have just finished reading your book, and I am really amazed with the detailed and thorough information you offer... Your book will be my #1 reference book, and I see only you as my role model. I AM IMPRESSED!" - from Larry Fuller, New York


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