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Q. What are the best markets to trade using your trading methods?

A. Stock traders, forex traders, bond traders, and, of course, commodity futures traders -- in more than 90 countries worldwide -- are currently using our trading guidebook and KC Collection software with consistent success (see the reviews)! This means that any liquid market is an excellent and lucrative candidate for our highly-acclaimed trading tools.

How so? The primary reason that most home traders of the markets fail is due to a partial or a total lack in understanding the purely technical aspects of the markets. Proven technical analysis techniques, utilizing powerful (non-standard) synergistic indicators and systems, remove us from the unprofitable "gambling" approach to trading, and enable us to enter the lucrative "business" approach. This is the sole approach used by the major market movers and program traders. Commodities analysts and traders have known this for years, and it is important to note here that the most sophisticated stock, forex and bond methodologies have always come from the futures and commodities side of the markets (especially from the institutional day traders of the popular S&P 500 index futures -- the benchmark market).

Commodity trading methods tend to be more sophisticated and cutting edge simply because they have to be. Far more is at risk. Millions of dollars are controlled on margin for each and every S&P futures contract that is traded.

Bottom Line: Traders that use these powerful commodity trading strategies have an enormous advantage over their competition, regardless of the type of market they are trading. And this advantage, this edge, is exactly what you are looking for if you truly want to be a consistently profitable trader...

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