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TradeStation 8.6 Strategy Performance Report

03/11/09 - 06/11/10

(NEWEST! We are excited to present the latest TradeStation 8.6 Performance Summary screens, now with more trading details than ever. These detailed summaries and graphs of the latest results should help you, our prospective KC Collection clients, to even better analyze our software's consistently profitable results. They are captured directly from TradeStation's professional system-testing software):

Net Results: $15,275 profit on one contract.

(ALWAYS demand to see the performance summaries of any software vendor you may be considering).

These are the actual TradeStation calculated results of taking all the signals with no filtering. The KC Method shows you how to filter out many of the losers - potentially making these results even more profitable! (Note: "Pivot System" is the system component of the KC Collection software package). Add costs for broker commissions and any slippage.

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