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This highly-acclaimed study is a systematic start-up through advanced trading guidebook designed for both commodity futures and stock market traders (Stock traders please read this). It has proven to be invaluable to current and potential investors and to both beginning and experienced traders. While no prior experience is assumed, most of the trading information included is highly specific. This valuable information is hard to come by and is exactly the kind used by some of the best floor traders and technically-oriented portfolio asset managers -- if they can find it at all. And that may help to explain why this unique book is used by more than 30,000 active traders in more than 60 countries worldwide!

The guide proceeds methodically through all of these trading concepts and procedures, and stresses a prudent business approach with the application of proven money management, risk management, and trading confirmation techniques.

Experienced traders also find this information most helpful as it can make their own methods more effective and profitable regardless of the markets being traded (stocks, futures, etc). It represents many thousands of hours of direct on-screen real-time experience and off-screen personal research and analysis. At 328 pages and in a large-size format, it is designed especially to open and lay flat for convenience and easy study. There are more than 50 full-size charts which methodically and progressively illustrate all technical points (even if you've never read a chart before). The special technical sections have also been fully integrated with optional trading software so that the methodologies can be immediately translated into real-time profitable practice.

Valuable source and resource information is included. In addition there is a complete guide to market terminology that is filled with lucrative trading examples (this book has seven Appendices). Recently recommended by Futures Magazine: "this is the only comprehensive start-up through advanced strategy trading manual of its kind we know of".

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